Imagica – Bada Interesting Stock Hai

Adlabs imagica is a company which operates in a very interesting business of owning and running a theme park. Themes parks are one of most liked things ( however we should always reserve our bias towards liking of certain companies – what you like is not necessarily profitable). The company is a family entertainment destination (unless you are afraid of the rides) and according to me is in the premium space as far as Indian market is concerned. i had visited the theme park when it was not fully constructed ( along with a group ┬ápicnic) and one more recently. […]



A piece of furniture computer and a type writer for 600 cr 6

Dwitiya trading company is a company which it says is engaged in the business of trading of sarees but i don’t think the primary earning for the promoters come from the trading of sarees. It probably comes from some other way. The question which arises is why do i say this- The company is not traded currently on the stock exchanges i mean there are currently no sellers on the exchanges for you to buy. However as per the last traded price the company is valued at some amount close to 600 cr. Does the company does such a valuation […]

Noida Toll Bridge Company – The locational moat 11

Noida toll bridge Noida toll bridge company Ltd is a special company which has all the capital expenditure already incurred and now has to only focus on the revenue. Noida toll bridge is a company which is having only one single asset which was also self built by the company. It has a toll bridge as the name suggests which connects mayur vihar area in Delhi and South Delhi. The special thing about this is that it connects the two sides of the Yamuna river and is the only convenient way of commuting daily along the two sides of the […]

noida toll bridge