Temptation Foods – Covering what should be Uncovered and Uncovering what should be Covered 16

Today i don’t know whether i am posting about a food company or some sort of a sexual awareness company or most appropriately a misleading company. The reason why i say this is the annual report of the company. The annual report can be seen as a latest edition of some magazine. However one thing the company has got absolutely correct is its tag line but in an indirect way which is ITS ALL IN THE SENSES. The annual report has involved a lot of Google images search i should say. Some of the screenshots of annual reports are –  […]


Circle of Competence

Know YOUR Circle of Competence 3

This may be probably one of the most important aspects of investing i.e to know your circle of competence. The first question which arises here is to what do you mean by circle of competence. A random google search leads to the following meaning of the word competence The ability to do something well or efficiently. A circle of compentence is the area in which you are comfortable and is the area in which you can have a reasonable enough prediction about the future. You can absolutely have your own circle of competence and you should not get influenced by the circle of competence of others. By […]

Moat – The Larger the Better 8

Moat Probably the most important thing which you should focus on while selecting a stock. What sort of a moat does the company have may well establish what should be your ultimate price you should be ready to pay for the business. Remember that the price you pay influence the return that you get in a big way. Moat is probably some sort of a monopoly created over the years which helps the business to enable pricing power. It is some sort of a good will which can help the business you buy enjoy increasing returns over a period of […]

The castle is difficult to breach due to its structure which is a moat.

return on capital employed image

Return On Capital Employed – An indicator of Efficiency 6

Why is Return On Capital Employed so important Return on Capital Employed is one of the most important metric which i think you need to look while making an investment decision. Return on Capital Employed is simply the earnings which the management makes out of the money which is invested in the business. Return on Capital Employed also helps you to vouch for the efficiency by which a management manages the money which is allocated to it (i dont have to mention that it is shareholders money which the managers are using). For a more accurate view of how to […]

What is Value Investing – Tossing a coin getting notes in return 6

Value investing is probably the most simplest style of investing ( i still doubt whether there are other styles too for investing) to understand. It can however be a misguide if not properly followed. You will know all the things you need to know for value investing but you will probably do some other thing itself and you will be still in the disguise that you have invested in an undervalued security. i would just like to tell a brief about value investing because i believe each and everyone should probably at least know something about value investing which helps […]

"First of all I feel I owe you an apology."