Imagica – Bada Interesting Stock Hai

Adlabs imagica is a company which operates in a very interesting business of owning and running a theme park. Themes parks are one of most liked things ( however we should always reserve our bias towards liking of certain companies – what you like is not necessarily profitable). The company is a family entertainment destination (unless you are afraid of the rides) and according to me is in the premium space as far as Indian market is concerned. i had visited the theme park when it was not fully constructed ( along with a group ¬†picnic) and one more recently. […]



Temptation Foods – Covering what should be Uncovered and Uncovering what should be Covered 16

Today i don’t know whether i am posting about a food company or some sort of a sexual awareness company or most appropriately a misleading company. The reason why i say this is the annual report of the company. The annual report can be seen as a latest edition of some magazine. However one thing the company has got absolutely correct is its tag line but in an indirect way which is ITS ALL IN THE SENSES. The annual report has involved a lot of Google images search i should say. Some of the screenshots of annual reports are –¬† […]