These are the questions which are generally asked by all in the markets but are almost always lead to wrong answers. These are the answers which i think are appropriate. Please do read.


What are stock markets
We don’t know what are stock markets and we are also not interested to know about them. We are more interested in the business which is behind the stock.

How do you read chart patterns
They are some sort of a line which is forcefully made into a shape by technical analysts. i don’t know whether it is effective or not but i surely know that business in the long term doesn’t depend on that line

What is day trading
Day trading is some sort of a very stupid thing in which a person trades so frequently that  untill the manager of the company had his lunch his business might have changes several hands creating some sort of an irrational price price which you as a investor has to try to benefit because a fundamentally strong business doesn’t change so much untill the manager has his lunch that you sell it.

What is a stoploss
It is like you don’t have an umbrella in rain and you get wet but somehow only partially wet. That’s same you have a loss and that trading tool limits your losses but it is still a loss right and that is largely due to your day trading activity. Inactivity in markets can lead you to large gains.

Which is the best investment you can make
Invest in yourself which can lead to manifold gains.

What type of manager should run a business
There are a lot of qualities but the best quality can be he being a shareholder in the company.

Which are the factors to be looked while buying a stock
Do you think that you can find the answer to this one and that too in FAQ’s. Isn’t it too vast and subjective to comment.