The Berkshire Hathway Annual Meet 2016 3


This might be one of the best opportunities in your life time. It is the Woodstock of Capitalism streaming first time live to you at the comfort of your home. Do watch and participate in this exciting and loudly useful AGM (probably one of the very few AGM’s actually useful for everyone).


Warren Buffett has teamed up with Yahoo Finance for the live streaming of Annual Meet 2016 of Berkshire Hathway which will enable you to watch the meeting live. The meeting is such in which the masters Warren Edward Buffett and Charles Thomas Munger (just in case you dont love their short names) will be providing updates on the companies they hold and answer the shareholders (whom they regard as their many partners) in real time. This is the first time for the benifit of everyone that Warren Buffett has decided to live stream the event due to increasing interest among many (you can verify the reason for the increasing interest by tuning on to the meeting). You can check out the full details here and visit the yahoo site here.

If you are just doubting how good the meetings are and what sort of interests do they generate one of India’s best value investor Mr Parag Parikh who started the PARAG PARIKH FINANCIAL ADVISORY SERVICES PVT. LTD (PPFAS) and the PPFAS Long Term Value Fund focused entirely on Value Investing died in a car accident while he was in US just to attend the Annual Meet of Berkshire Hathway. You can check it here.

Make sure you are there attending the Annual Meet on 30th April 2016. You can view the converted time zones in GMT. (For me in India the meeting starts on a super Weekend Saturday at 19.30 pm IST).


Make sure you join our Facebook event just to make sure you don’t forget this super awesome event here (facebook helps to remember both the things that we shouldn’t and also that we should) or alternatively you can click on this twitter link

Just tune surely you will get an awesome experience.


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